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The Simplicity of Feeling Beautiful!

Shawna Peterson knows first hand just how dramatically wigs and hair pieces can boost your style quotient and build self-confident. Only three months after trying on her first wig, Shawna told her husband she wanted to open a salon. Now, Shawna proudly operates Shortcuts Wig Boutique in Georgetown, Texas.

Located just outside of Austin, Shortcuts caters to a diverse clientele. But according to Shawna, there is one thing all of her customer have in common – they all want to feel comfortable and beautiful; and, Shawna makes sure everyone’s needs and desires are met in style.

Her motto is “the simplicity of feeling beautiful.” Those words are etched on bright yellow pillows that rest on blue patterned armchairs near the entrance. The combination creates an inviting tone where customers can relax and experiment with new hairstyle options. “People feel safe here.” She says.

“When someone comes in here, and you help change their life, it is fulfilling. I am very fulfilled.”

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ShortCuts Wig Boutique
4410 Williams Drive, #106
Georgetown, Texas
(512) 819-6857

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